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  We fix Browser issues which can be of many types. Old versions of IE are not really compatible with the recent W3C Web standards. But if someone is still using them, they will definitely have problems browsing on the net. Certain things will tend to be of the wrong look and feel. We are there to guide you through these issues and educate you on any possible up-gradation.



If programs are doing what they are supposed to do and your computer is running properly, then it is definitely a useful tool. But it can be equally frustrating and a nuisance if something is not right with your PC. An average user can fix this problem by themselves. But is is not necessary that everybody be technically sound. Those who are not might be wondering how to fix the issue. We at Inextsquad know that for performance related issues and many such other problems, it can be easily fixed without spending high repair charges and will help our customers through the steps in an effective way.



All documents are products of hard work and intensive research. If someone loses it in seconds, it can be a painful experience. Such record wipe outs can result in huge losses as all proofs of work done and agreement entered is lost. You can lose all entitlements and cannot make claims to any arrears. Everyone has faced such a situation at least once in their lives. Just think about the scenario where all the data from all the machines in your office or business or PC gets erased. Don’t worry. We at Inextsquad believe in the adage that “ prevention is better than cure” and thus provide you with data backup functions. Also in case of emergencies, data recovery can also be done.



Outlook Express enables users to send and receive e-mails on their computer, and is an e-mail software programmed by Microsoft. There are two versions of Outlook; Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. Outlook Express is a trimmed down version of the Microsoft Outlook software family and was first included with Windows 98 and thereafter with all versions of Windows, right up to Windows XP. Microsoft introduced Windows Mail with the introduction of Windows Vista. Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Express are different applications from Microsoft Office Outlook. The two programs, though share a common architectural philosophy, does not share a common code base.



With everything time bound in todays world, all our schedule has become hectic and fast paced. There are always deadlines to meet, projects to prepare and submissions to make. In this scenario, if the machine becomes slow, then it becomes a real pain in our predetermined schedule. And an even worse thing is if the machine crashes altogether. There are innumerable data, and documents stored on our systems which provides credibility to everything we do, not only online but also on virtual office packages. So it is necessary to have a PC which can keep up with the need of super speed at all times, every time. So if you have a slow PC which is giving you nightmares, then contact us for PC speed up.



One exciting thing that has happened to music is a portable music player. As everything is becoming faster, the need for entertainment on the go is increasing as people nowadays have little time for leisure. This has led to the music player getting smaller in size and bigger in storage capacity.But since these players are so compact, the files on these needs to be organized correctly and in a compact way. If for some reason this becomes disorganized, if we are unable to get access to our favorite playlist it leads to unnecessary wastage of time rearranging back everything. For issues which might spring up, like PC synchronization or disorganization of playlist, we are available for helping you out. Our Experts help you manage and organize all your music, data, and videos.



It can happen often, that when we desperately need a printout or a hard copy of a document, our printer gets stuck. Switching it on and off, taking the plug in and out does not help. No matter how much we want to fix it, nothing much helps. The only option available is cumbersome, that is, to transfer the data in a pen drive and run for as printout to the local computer. Thus, in a situation like this, it would be really desirable if by simply dialing a number you can get your printer issues fixed and get it running without wasting too much time or money. At Inextsquad we help you sort out this kind of problems fast, and in an easy way.



Computers are double edged sword when it comes to children. It has both, benefits and pitfalls. As a learning tool, the computer is an amazing world where children can sharpen their abilities as well as learn new things. It is also a very convenient way to make new friends and connect to their idols and inspirations. But it is also the place where abusers and hackers have the unique chance to roam around in a cloak of invisibility, double identity or anonymously. Therefore, for anyone who has both, computer and children at home, parental control tool is a must. It helps in acting as a screen which shields the child from the dangers of the World Wide Web. It also helps a child in maintaining a sense of time, so that the child can go outside and engage in physical games and activities, and interact with children of same age.



Generally it is seen that a user becomes aware of a virus after the damage is done. From the moment it enters a computer, it starts damaging the system. Data is continuously lost, manipulated or transmitted to other computers. But it is not conspicuous from that moment. Over a period of time the damage becomes apparent, but then it becomes too late for the owner to control or contain the damage. The internet has become the lifeline for everyone, be it personal or for business purpose. So it is of utter importance that a computer or a network be saved from malicious and damaging virus. Inextweb does a thorough check up and eliminates such malware, spyware and virus.



There are various processes which need thorough attention while setting up the internet. It seems like an easy job which can be done fast and in two minutes time the internet is up and ready, running all that you need. But actually it is a complex process which needs a full understanding of the system and its configuration. Otherwise, it will create problems in the future, which will leave you baffled. Optimum settings are to be done to avoid such situations and for smooth hassle free net connection.



One of the best operating systems in the market is Windows XP. That is why it is more popular than Vista, though Vista offers more features than XP. New operating systems are also getting launched frequently with the increased competition. They come bundled with advanced features. Many computer users are not technically savvy, and this hampers or limits their understanding of the compatibility of an operating system. It is for this purpose that it is necessary to employ an expert to handle the installation or up gradation of your operating system. Our team is proficient in this matter and can help you out with effective solutions.



Unlike a zombie, an infected computer can be cured. Inextweb specializes in virus removal service. Our specialists can remotely access any PC and cleanse it of all spyware, viruses and any other kinds of threats that might be there, hidden in your PC. Iwebnext can also assist you in choosing and installing a good antivirus software.



The world has become a smaller place thanks to the facilities of e-mail. The communication system of the present day is totally mail centric and for all our communications, be it personal, or business, we rely on e-mail. E-mail also ensures that there is a documentation of all our transactions, so that the future references are secure and precise. It also helps to keep a track of our contacts and upgrades our address book automatically whenever we send or receive mail from a new contact. It is mostly free and has become the premium way the world communicates today. If chance error deletes your precious communication trail, then we at Iwebnext can help retrieve the lost data through our backup services.



The whole office package of Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Word, etc, makes a neat and comprehensive office package which we can use for both personal and business use. They offer an array of easy-to- use-and -implement features. Office had two different versions for Windows and Mac. This can result in difficulties for the end user and lead to a set of problems because both have different interfaces and new file formats. Customers can face difficulties while switching from one system to the other. For this reason, some unlearning and some new learning are required. Our expert team can help you with this and you can overcome any application issue in no time.



In most cases of boot error messages it is not required to spend a high amount to get the issue fixed. Various parts of the system can give out an error message, depending on how far the system gets before it is produced. There are a number of simple things which can be done to rectify such performance issues. At Iwebnext we will handhold you through the processes so that you can overcome these issues in minutes.